Real Life On A Budget

Don’t Fall for This Money Myth!

Last week while shopping I saved $112! Or did I? Today I’m debunking the age-old myth: You have to spend money to save it.

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  • Andrea Wenzel

    Great video! We had a window guy pitch us last night. He said we’d save 40% on electricity and get our money back in ten years. I did the math and we would have to live here like 50 years to save a dime. Can you do a video on savings with home improvements?!?!? n

  • This trap gets me too! Thanks for the great video!

  • Leilani Wood

    This made me laugh. All I could think of was my sweet husband telling me you never save when you are buying something you would not of bought anyway. He sounds like Winston all the time all I hear is you spent -___.

  • Mark Myrick

    So if I get a Smart TV 50% off that is not a good deal?

    • fausto412

      It is a good deal if you were in the market for a new TV already and the price/tv quality value makes it a great deal. Many times you find TV’s on sale and the sale price is the price it is sold at everywhere. Don’t buy because it is on sale, buy because you really needed the item and did the research and selected a well reviewed quality item…more awesome if you find the best price on it. But a lot price alone isn’t reason enough for me to part with my money.

  • Calc

    You are only saving money, if you would have purchased the [budgeted] item anyway.

  • blake

    Good to know that even you can show your audience that no one is perfect and someone like you with your knowledge and experience can get caught up in the thrill of purchasing something new. It certainly helps you connect with your audience more.