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Don’t Make Money an Idol

I love stuff.  I mean, I really love stuff.

I love purses and shoes and going to nice restaurants. I love a lot of the usual stuff that women my age are into. But here’s the issue: All of that stuff costs money. Who knew?

Even though I want to buy cool stuff all the time, I have to watch myself. Because when I become obsessed with stuff, I become obsessed with money.

When you make money an idol, you basically make it more important than anything else in your life. That includes your faith, your relationships, your grades, and your future. Everything!

Idols in your life can eventually ruin your life. Marriages and relationships end all the time because of money fights.

So the natural question is this: “How do I know if I’ve allowed money to become an idol?” Honestly answer the following questions, and you’ll have a good idea.

  1. How often do I think about making more money?
  2. How often do I wish for other people’s stuff?
  3. How often do I want more?
  4. How much and how often do I give?

Now I’m not talking about focusing on getting rid of debt and improving your financial situation. I travel all over the country helping people learn more healthy ways to deal with money, so that isn’t the issue.

The problem happens when you make money the end-all-be-all of your life. If that’s your situation at the moment, then you’re headed toward a dead end.

Here’s a better way: Make your primary focus getting out of debt and being content with where you are now. Then, begin saving for you future, giving, and helping others.

Take the focus off yourself, and you’ll start releasing the hold money has on your life.



  • J Simpson

    Rachel, I love reading your posts! What I really enjoy the most is that you put it out there and admit that you love stuff or you wanted the same handbag that your mom had but it wasn’t in the budget. Thank you for being a finance guru I can relate to! You aren’t standing on a pedestal preaching to us on how we should handle our money. You are down here in the mire with us, doing a monthly budget, forgoing things that aren’t budgeted for and not trying to keep up with the Joneses. Thank you!

  • Ariana

    Wow, just got slapped in the face!!! Ugh, thanks!!!

  • Helen Sefton

    You’d be proud of me Rachel, I just came back from a mega shopping trip and other people bought clothes,make-up etc., I bought three birthday cards for u00a32.39!!

  • Domingos Novela

    First of all. It was very difficult to get your book, i live in Mozambique. But i got it, and i love it. About making money your idol, this is a very nice subject, because, when you dont have money, you think that the way out of your problems is having money, and so you become focused in being good at this money thing, witch is very easy for you to confuse your goal, witch was having a better life, not more money itself. In my experience, at first i was focused in having money, but the more i became good with managing money, money itself started to not being the goal, but a tool to get to my goal, then i was free. The only way to stop being obsessed with money is to realize that money is a very usefull TOOL, not a goal. Only a tool that will help you to get to your goals.

  • Great article reminding us not to climb up the wrong ladder! Thanks for the reminder.