Debt-Free Living

Don’t Skip Baby Step 3!

Having 3-6 months of your expenses saved for emergencies is a great buffer between you and life!


  • Deb Birky Blair

    Heartbreaking experience the other day coming home from an out of state family funeral. Broke divorced parent daughter and her two youngest (age 5 and 7) riding with us. Daughter not on the plan. In the gas station, the little ones were, of course perusing the candy isle, when I heard my daughter tell them quietly “No treats this time. Momma’s out of money.” Daughter didn’t know I was close enough to hear, so I took a deep breath, adjusted my voice to sound cheerful, and said, “I’m such a silly G-ma! I forgot to tell Momma that I’m getting everybody a treat! You babies get what you want! Momma, you too, you’re my baby! Why, I think even G-pa deserves a treat!” Darn, I know that girl is struggling…I’ve got her all of the materials, and she’s seen what this has done for us. I sure wish she’d get on the steps while these little ones are young enough to see this is the way to go.