Real Life On A Budget

How to Become a Millionaire

Chris Hogan shares a few easy steps you can take today to become a millionaire! Preorder his book today at


  • Tanya Bellot

    I find it hard to believe that Rachel is not a millionaire!

    • hahahaha, that’s because she IS, or she will be when daddy goes to heaven, lol.

  • Being a millionaire isn’t that big a deal, always having $1 more than you need for the things you want (within reason) is just as good ;^)

  • Candb Mcfamily

    Personally, I think it’s nice to take the retirement straight out of my paycheck (auto withdraw from payroll). This is offered because I have a 403B, through my employer. It’s nice because it’s like any other deduction, and you get used to living without that money AND it’s being invested. When I retire, I should have a “pension” but I like to rely on myself rather than a program.I have been placing $100.00 per paycheck ($200.00 per month) since I was early 20, my friends all think it really doesn’t add up. But, I think 25 years from now it might? What do you think Chris Hogan / Rachel Cruze? As I get raises I add more to my 403B via auto paycheck withdraw 🙂

    • Christine

      Believe me, it adds up. Keep doing it!!!
      I have about $100,000 that I started when I was a teenager. I haven’t always added to it as a “real adult” due to job loss or other circumstances. I always joke that my retirement started as a teen teaching riding lessons! (which is true)