Real Life On A Budget

How to Budget an Inconsistent Income

In sales or another commission-based job? Here’s how you budget when you can’t plan on a consistent paycheck amount.


  • One thing I have a hard time about is when not enough comes in. How do you work that into the budget? When you have to dip into savings? We know that winter is slow and have savings built up, but do you just act like the money coming from savings is income?

    • Michael, you need to save differently. In addition to your normal savings, you need to set some money aside during the months of plenty to save for the lean months. Also, make sure you have a plan during the lean months so you know how much you need to be saving for!

  • Paula

    I love this one!!! This is what I need! Thank you!!!

  • Mindy

    My husband recently lost his job. We can afford to pay necessities but cannot pay our minimum debt payments. We have paid off half of our debt in a year, but now that his income is gone we don’t know what to do with those payments. Any suggestions?

  • Charlie

    I did a yearly budjet a few days ago, my income being inconsistant. After giving and the 4 walls and the investing budjetting divided by 12, I saw that buying a tractor was so easily doable that I went out and bought it – my 1940 tractor having died. That 40’s tractor made me a lot of money over the years and I was truly grieving its loss. I am retired now and don’t need another money maker, but I do need one for farm chores. Nevertheless I got an order for firewood yesterday and I am very fit still so this new one will be making its first $260 right away. Into the budjet that will go. All things work together for good…