Real Life On A Budget

How to Budget with EveryDollar

I love to budget! A budget gives me permission to spend money where I want. So in today’s vlog, I decided to show you how to budget using EveryDollar!


  • Rita

    Please explain what is next. Let’s say I just spent $83.45 at grocery store. Where do I put that to be deducted from budget line item so I know the balance?

  • Anne

    Could you explain more about what the “Save” category is about? You make the comment around 2:30 that ‘this category may be higher or lower depending on where you are in the Baby Steps, but for right now I’m going to do 10%.’ I’m assuming in steps #1,3 that this is as much as you can squeeze out elsewhere to get the $1000 and the fully funded emergency fund. So a higher percentage, perhaps. In step #2, is it essentially nixed to focus entirely on paying off debt? In Baby Step 4, is this category the 15% to retirement (because I don’t hear retirement at all in here)? Or is there something else that you are specifically saving/investing for with that category? I realize that you’re trying to make this video a general example of the process, but I’d love some more clarification of how this fits into the baby steps.