Real Life On A Budget

How to Control Your Cash

I explain how the Dave Ramsey envelope system works and even put my own spin on it.


  • mary arnholt

    I like your clip system better than the envelope system…cute wallet, too:)

  • Rose L.

    any ideas on a no fee pre-paid card to put your categories on? Still getting the hang of the envelope system.

  • Pablo LaFrossia

    How does the “dude” carry his money on his wallet with clips? I love the system, but gotta find a way for me divide it and carry it with me around.

  • The clips is actually a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Really like the idea with the clip as well.

  • Alison

    Thanks for mentioning that the envelope system is for spending in categories where you overspend. I was wondering exactly how many envelopes I would have to be carting around 🙂

    • Ha! Yeah, no need to bust out the accordion file or anything 🙂

  • Jennifer Sena

    Rachel, nHow do you label each clip?

    • serena

      I think she just knows which one is which, but if you have access to a P-touch, you can probably stick something small on the top or side or the clip

  • Stef

    Rachel, I love this idea. I have a long wallet – the size that can hold checks. On my money pockets I have made mini file seperators (for lack of a better term). So I can look at my money pocket and I have a food, clothing, school and free money divider. I made them out of card stock so they are little bit more sturdy and the tag name sticks just above the bill height.

  • Rebecca M. Lee

    I love the clips!! i think it’s more steam lined than the traditional envelope system.

  • Priscilla Blevins RD

    Rachel, I love your purse idea and entrepreneurship! I watched your video clip on how you went about designing it, and it really intrigued me! I was wanting to know what company you used to help you manufacture and the whole process etc?