Real Life On A Budget

It’s OK to have nice stuff?!

What’s your most prized possession?


  • Kendra

    What a great message! I toiled with the idea that having ‘stuff’ is evil for many, many years. As I began to study God’s word and have my mind renewed, I realized that God wants whats best for us! He just does not want us to get the things and forget that he is the giver everything. I feel we can put more than just material things before our relationship with God. We can put people, places and task and I believe God just wants to be first and everything else should be secondary.

  • RachelB

    Stop driving! It’s making me so nervous. Great message though!

  • friendlyskies

    Rachel, should I buy any Christmas presents for friends and colleagues while i am trying to do the debt snowball? I wasn’t sure about this. Thank you.

    • If it fits into your budget, yes. If it doesn’t, no. If you still want to get them something, make them something or do something special for them. Time and energy can be just as valuable as money!

  • Calc

    Great reminders about stuff. There are times to downsize stuff too.nDon’t talk with both hands while the car is moving.nKeep up the great work!