Real Life On A Budget

Leave Your Emotions Out of Christmas Shopping!

Leave your emotions at the front door of the mall while you’re out shopping this Christmas. Take the budget in and leave emotions out!
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  • CMB

    Of course I have bought for myself while shopping. I mean, if I buy 3 bath soaps and get 3 free, the free part is for me! 🙂

  • Jennifer Renee Dixon

    Yes, more than once…. 🙁 I need to watch this video every time I’m headed out for shopping. nThanks for all your helpful tips!

  • Jessica H

    This is the exact reason I no longer shop for Christmas gifts on Black Friday! I always come home with plenty for me and not much off of my list. This year is different though! I am proud to say that this weekend I left the house with ONLY my Christmas fund envelope and got all the items needed for my homemade gifts including the wrapping and even had a little left over for Christmas party supplies and $4 for a Starbucks treat! 🙂

  • ry

    totally just bought myself a $5.00 shirt and $14.00 pants from tjmxx, but wasn’t planning on spending that Christmas money on myself. So tempting!!!!

  • Carol

    This is why I do WAY more on-line shopping now. Much easier to avoid temptations.

  • Karyn

    Um…yes – but I use $ from my Blow $ envelope if my clothing amount doesn’t cover it.

  • Jfoco

    Gah, yes, all the time… Part of the fun of Christmas shopping is just, well, shopping.

  • I budget for some Black Friday self spending. It is the best time to get the best prices. But it is in my budget:)

  • Jenny Brown

    Can you share tips on car buying and throwing a baby shower on a budget?

  • Sue Woods Stone

    Yeah, well…. While perusing the Dave Ramsey website, there was this red wallet on sale, and new, *improved* envelopes! Now that hubby’s on board with this style of budgeting, I’ll just give him my old black one (I gave my son the old basic blue one so I could justify the black one) so he can use THAT. Ahem. I have my binder clips at the ready, and we will begin in full force January 1st! Our new “Budge” includes pocket money, so we’ll be less inclined to say, “I’ve been ‘good’ for so long, I ‘deserve’ this.” While Christmas shopping this year I did very well — except when it came to my new daughter-in-law! I want her to have it ALL!

  • llutz246

    Yep! When I was on my own and knew I wasn’t going to get hardly anything from family due to finances, I bought myself a Christmas/Birthday present. I had saved most of the money already for it but still spent a little of the Christmas budget on my own gift.

  • Desiree

    Lol! I needed this before Black Friday! Bought myself a new office chair!

  • Colleen

    Ha! I was so tempted to buy something for myself just a couple days ago! I was in the bookstore to buy a gift for my son and my nephew. I carried two extra books around with me for a while that were for me–“It’s a special edition and its the ONLY one one the shelf! The next time I come to the store they might not have ANY!!!” I put one of them back on the shelf, but carried the other one up to the register with me before finally telling the sales clerk that I decided not to get it after all.