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  • Cat

    My husband and I have been doing the Ramsey budget for about 3 months now. We have found it severely difficult, not because we are over spending or not living the budget- but because we can’t tell ourselves how much we are going to make that month. Neither of us have consistent hours and we both have multiple jobs. Trying to ear mark an amount of money that we aren’t sure we are getting has been rough. We have begun having bi-weekly budget meetings-on payday and trying to form our budgets that way. But it seems that everything I have learned with you and your father, this isn’t exactly the way I should do it. We are still able to work on our snowball, but Im worried that we could be putting more $ to that debt pile if I were doing the budget better. Is there a suggestion for this type of budget? Thanks

    • Jamie

      Hi Cat – I wanted to throw out a suggestion to you. Without knowing more background, I would suggest taking all income numbers, broken out by month – over the period of several months and coming up with your monthly average. Another option would be that you could look at the monthly income totals, determine the lowest income and work off that number as your “set” budget. Then, any month going forward that yields higher income for you two is bonus money and can be put towards that smallest debt, and then snowballed as they are paid off. I hope this helps. Good luck & don’t give up!!!

    • Cat, Did you see my vlog about budgeting an inconsistent income?