Real Life On A Budget

Money-Saving Tips for Brides and Bridesmaids

Whether you’re attending or hosting a wedding in the near future, you’re probably well aware of how expensive they can be. Never fear, though! I’m here to help you save money, whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid. Related: 3 Ways to Save When Planning Your Wedding.
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  • CVE

    Perfect timing for me, as my childhood best friend is getting married several states away! Thankfully, all the bridesmaids are picking their own dresses, but one awesome resource I’ve found are bridesmaids dress RENTALS! How amazing is that? Google it. All the bridesmaids can rent the same dress, or different dresses in the same line, or just pick whatever they want. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a dress that meets the approved bridesmaid criteria and my own personal style.

  • Courtney

    Thanks for the advice! I’m getting married this summer and I told my bridesmaids “Your prescence is your present.” So they do not have to buy gifts for all of the occasions unless they’d like to! I tracked my spending for a wedding I was in. Due to coupons and bargain shopping, I spent less than most, but the total cost was near $800 with gas, gifts, dress, shoes, bachelorette party, chipping in, makeup, hair, etc. It adds up quickly!!

    • Blessed Heart

      ouch!!! that is super expensive! I had no idea it could cost that much to be a part of a wedding!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Rachel – love this post – thank you! I am working hard to get out of debt and I am in one of my friends wedding later this year. I am the only out of town/state Bridesmaid. Because of higher-than-expected bridal party costs, I cannot afford to go to any wedding event (bridal shower, bachelorette, couples shower) except for the actual wedding. I plan on paying my “share” for these events (even though I was never consulted on cost), however I cannot afford to physically travel to these events without breaking my budget. I’ve already increased my budget from $900 to $1,500. Personally, I feel like that is already too expensive! I’ve been in several other weddings and never felt this much financial pressure. How do I tell my bride this without hurting her feelings?