Real Life On A Budget

My 3 Drugstore Makeup Essentials

You guys know my general rule of thumb for shopping: Some things are worth investing in and other things are worth buying for cheap. Here are three beauty items that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on.


  • Carolyn B

    You should try makeup brushes by E.L.F– they’re all around $1 and work great! I’ve had mine for a few years and they’ve held up just as well as the nice brushes I bought.

    • Kelli Hogg

      Yep. Love em. I use the eyeliner to apply my gel eyeliner. I clean it after every use, but after a few months, I just chuck it it and buy a brand new one for sanitary reasons. For $1 you can’t beat it.

      • Jennifer

        Agreed! Eyeliner is one thing I won’t invest in since the $1 elf one works perfectly!

  • jen

    yes, buy cheap mascara because you can’t keep it very long and once you drop that wand its all over!

  • Rachel Ibarra

    E.L.F. Cosmetics are great! I have bought several items and they are surprisingly good quality! I love their lip gloss and their primers and the clear mascara.

  • Kate K

    Don’t laugh but I buy the glue on nails and they work WONDERS and they last forever! If one falls off I glue it back on. I trim them down and file them to look much more natural! I can’t tell you how much money it has saved me from going to a salon and getting gel nails on. You get two sets for about $6.99!!! WIN WIN!!! 🙂

  • Shannon Gallant

    I am a E.L.F brand user. I mean you absolutely cannot beat $1.00 deals on brushes. I also use Rimmel brand for foundation and face powder…it was $6 for both in fact.nAlso CVS has their beauty club and for every so much spent you get $5 back in extra care cash/rebates. Win! Win!

  • donna

    Where do you purchase E.L.F. Products?

    • Faith


    • Target, CVS, Walgreens. I’ve even seen a couple at 7 Eleven.

    • Kerry

      Amazon – the reviews are also very helpful in making selections.

  • I’m so with you on the mascara! If anything, I find that the higher-end mascara is a lot more difficult to remove than drugstore. Plus it’s recommended to replace your mascara every 3 months so why spend so much money on it?

  • laura bales

    Cornstarch makes a great light powder. put it in an old compact and add a bit of cocoa for color. Cost is literally a few pennies. n

  • Rachelle’Andy Poat

    I love maybellline concealer stick in fair. It covers my dark circles and it matches my skin perfectly!

  • Nannette Turner

    I use coconut oil as a moisturizer. I love it.

  • LakeGirlMT

    sponges and brushes? Dollar Tree!!! If you’re getting those at the drug stores, you are wasting your money girl!!!

  • Mel

    Now I want to know what makeup products you actually save for.

  • Kandrus

    And if you’re really cheap (my hand is raised) you can tear your wedge applicators in half and have 2!!!!! Woop!

  • Amanda Collins

    Honestly, I splurge on my make-up products because I have switched to all natural products and the few times I have gone back to something cheap or not all natural my skin has reacted to it. :(nnHOWEVER, I have some beauty products that I make and I am looking into making even more of them! I use coconut oil (you can by a GIANT organic tub super cheap at Sam’s) as a make-up remover/moisturizer any time I wear waterproof make-up. Believe it or not it DOES NOT make your skin oily! Then I also melted coconut oil and added lavender essential oil to it and let it set back up and I use that as my body lotion. I have also made my own body scrub using coconut oil, sugar, and essential oil (I used peppermint). I’ve found recipes to make my own perfume and plan to do that when I run out of the several that I already had purchase before taking FPU. I do by an off brand on Wen (cleansing conditioner) at Target and it’s only $6! It replaces shampoo and conditioner combining the two and my hair has never felt so great! I have also found various recipes for face masks and scrubs that use all edible ingredients (not that I would eat them but the ingredients are not harmful to me).

  • Jennifer Fahlgren

    Most of this would be cheaper at target or walmart then at walgreens or a drug store.n

  • Laura Savitt Levsky

    Maybelline yellow cover stick for under eyes.nOil of Olay Complete moisturizernBert’s Bees lip balmnMaybelline Great Lash Mascara