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My New Wallet is Here!

My new wallet is here! In this video, I unbox these beautiful wallets and show you how they work. Designing these was so fun and I am so excited to share them with you.


  • Michelle S

    Where is the link to purchase one of these amazing wallets?

  • Tracy Freeze

    Love the looks of this!!! Next color available: Camel/Caramel???

  • Tiffany King

    Teal would be a great color too. I think I’ll get the tan!

  • Elodia Langley

    Hello Rachel, I usually don’t carry a purse and love the wallet. I would love it even more if it had a small strap to carry around my wrist. That’s the only type I buy to put my smart phone inside and have hands free while grocery shopping. Other than that I love the zipper and compartments. Good job!

    • 2bnfl

      go to a good leather guy or shoe guy and they can get one for you

    • Elodia Langley

      Good idea but that would be more money and I’m on a budget. lol!

  • Barb Dawson

    Rachel, are you a visual learner!? I LOVE that you have different colors for each category, and that I can pick my own color for categories! (Have you noticed that Princess Kate carries a “clutch style” wallet? Maybe you should send her one of your wallets!) I would like to suggest a Red wallet for Christmas time…& Navy (b/c blue is my favorite color!) AND…please, consider adding a wrist strap! THANKS so much!

  • Breanne Stone

    I was so excited to hear RC had designed a wallet and then saw there are no fun colors. Come on, you teach to save money but then try to sell us all this expensive stuff, I’m not going to splurge on a tan or basic black wallet, that’s for my grandma. Give us something pretty so it feels like a splurge, red, purple, navy, a classy pattern, something please!

  • Rebecca C Ramirez

    I want one uh….make that two! Its too pretty are there more colors?

  • Alisa

    Pink or lime green please!?
    These are so cool! I gotta have one!! Looking like a nerd doing the envelope system had never looked so cool.

    • Rebecca C Ramirez

      hay!! colors all I like

  • Louise

    Lavender please!!!!

  • Kim

    I would totally buy one if it had a strap so I could wear it cross body so I could be hands free and no one would be able to snatch it from me

  • Vanessa Dean

    I don’t understand why so many card slots! If we are following the FPU plan, its debit card, thats it. Yes our I.D.s I have have two, and maybe then another card slot for a business debit card or handgun permit. More card slots, more opportunities to have credit cards. And before someone says well store membership cards, yep there is an App for that. :-p

    • Jessica Oliveira

      Actually most of us have membership cards from the grocery stores or gas stations. Those slots are not just for credit cards. I also love to keep wallet sized photos of my kids and save important business cards in there too!

    • Elizabeth

      Medical, prescription, etc. cards. Plus I have 2 company issued credit cards (the company I work for doesn’t follow the plan) that my current wallet doesn’t have slots for. I love this. 🙂

    • Belinda Cribbs

      Medicare card, supplement insurance card, drug plan card, yep some of need lots of card slots.

    • Damian Redman

      Was going say two debit cards, an HSA card, driver’s license, a grocery store membership card, gift cards, movie rewards card, MetroCard (sometimes we go to NYC), and health insurance card. My wife doesn’t like to use lots of apps.

  • Dawn B.

    You are so funny Rachel, you are your father’s daughter LOL. How about offering that gorgeous wallet in pink, lavender or a nice springy yello color? Thanks!

  • Marge

    On of your demonstrations of your wallet there was a mint colored one. Are you planning on adding that to your colors? Would love it in mint!

  • Janice

    Wonderful! I vote for a deep purple color. I think this would be fabulous in a small purse with a shoulder strap and an extra pocket for personal items. That is all i carry, but it has to be hands free with that shoulder strap so i can shop properly!

  • Janice

    Do you have any to give away? I am teaching a modified FPU class at our local transitional housing shelter for homeless women & kids. We use raffel items to help motivate the ladies to do their homework. They would love this!!!

  • Brenna B

    Received my new wallet today! I ordered black and it’s beautiful! Thank you. Can’t wait to set it up!!

    • Jamie Mack

      Can you add a wrist strap to the zipper without it opening while wear?

      • Brenna B

        I’m not a wrist strap girl, but lemme take a lookie loo and get back to ya!

        • Jamie Mack

          Thank you.

  • Amanda Brown

    I like it, where do you put your checkbook. Yes, I still carry checks and write one occasionally.

  • Heather Warner

    I got a little sad. No change pocket which means I’d have to have a separate change purse. Dimes might not break you but to me they could mean getting something to eat or going without. I love your wallet idea and I hope you expand in the future.

    • Marie

      There is a change pocket in the small zipper pouch.

  • Brandy

    A wrist strap would make it perfect!

  • kayleigh

    I purchased this wallet in tan and have used it for the past week… and the zipper is already doing that weird awful gap zip thing. You can tell its a cheap zipper. I immediately didn’t care for it as it came out of the box smelling like mass produced Chinese factory and yes, it still smells like that. The clips are simple clips you can buy at office depot and add to your existing wallet. That is the ONLY thing that sets this wallet apart. I do not recommend this. Maybe I expected more because I truly LOVE Dave Ramsey and his principles and have since supported Rachael and her endeavors. I respect their teachings but definitely am extremely disappointed in this wallet.

    • rachel smith

      what color did you buy? I purchased the tan one and am dissapointed because the zipper keeps getting stuck with the middle inside material. Not sure if its a defect or all are like that.

  • David-and Julie Roberts

    Black! Those are awesome!

  • Anne M

    tan is better…black is harder to see on the inside…

  • WCrawford

    why are there so many credit card slots in this wallet???? Something someone on Dave Ramsey program doesn’t need. Seems like the wallet should have had more room for cash and maybe a cell phone.
    Not only that, the quality isn’t the greatest. My husband bought this for me trying to be sweet since I keep up with the money but I can’t take the time to remember what color clip is for what category. Seems a little silly to be honest. Not a great product.

    • Laura

      I LOVE this wallet and all of the CC slots are perfect for me because I have a debit card, 2 business debit cards, a Target debit card and multiple gift cards, my drivers license and health care card. I use them all and am so thankful they are all there!!

      • Jana Raquel Wickham

        I love mine still confused about what the “Target” debit card is was really surprised to hear that said. However I can see medical cards business cards and so on. Target card would need

  • Stephanie Owen-Romanello

    Hi Rachel! Is there any chance these will be available in Canada (or be able to be shipped here) soon? My husband and I are in FPU and absolutely loving it!! Your wallet is the top item on my wish list for Christmas this year 🙂

    • JenC

      u can buy it on

  • Deirdre

    Just got a tan one for Christmas. It has a horrible smell kind of like mildew. Does anyone else’s smell really bad or is mine a defect?

  • Alex Freeman

    Bought my wife the tan wallet for Christmas… zipper broke less than one month in. Amazon is replacing for free but if the new one breaks too then I’d say this is not a good purchase…poor quality.

  • Shemika

    The wallet is very fashionable. The leather is smooth. I love the contrast of the black and gold. I am very disappointed with the zipper. Within one week of having it the zipper began to separate. I tried removing change and cards in an attempt to make it stay closed, which didn’t help at all. I don’t feel safe with clips of money in a wallet I can’t depend on to stay zipped.

  • Trish Gee

    I’m trying to find the beige wallet but it doesn’t seem to be on the site. Can someone help me?

  • Simonne Lones Poff I LOVE the style/design of this wallet. I saved up so I could “upgrade” from my tired, red Financial Peace wallet. However, I was really disappointed when the outside zipper kept coming open within a couple weeks of purchasing. I thought maybe it just needed a little time to get “broken in”. After a couple more weeks, I took out most of the change and several gift cards so I only filled up HALF of the slots. The zipper got worse, then the zipper on the change part broke. Now the whole thing just sits open all the time. Maybe the change part needs to go on the outside?

    • Valerie Slabaugh

      I am having the same problem with my outside zipper too. I thought I was just filling it too full. I love the design concept and the clips, but mine sits open in my purse too. I was pretty disappointed. My husband gave it to me for Christmas.

  • Erin Hesse

    Just a question… is there a new design that fixed the zipper issues? I have been looking for a wallet like this for SO LONG and would love to buy it but all the reviews indicate the zippers break consistently. I can wait and would be willing to pay a little more to have this design. I was so excited to see something like this on the market… there are no other options for women looking for this.

  • Ann

    I have had mine for a few months too and really loved it but now the zipper issues have shown up. Coin zipper is broken and outside zipper is separating. Can these be returned/exchanged? Please advise.

    • Rhonda

      The zipper stinks. Mine was fine for a couple months (better than some) but is separating or uncloseable. Love the idea of this wallet but really unimpressed with the quality of the zipper. The rest is holding up fine.

      • Cathy Wells White

        Rhonda, please call customer care to address your concern! They’ll be happy to help! Customer Care: 888.227.3223.

    • Kati Allred Meyers

      Did you ever hear back from the company? There is no contact information on this website. 🙁

      • Cathy Wells White

        Customer Care: 888.227.3223…they will be happy to help you.

      • Ann

        do call customer care. They have taken care of this for me. 888.227.3223

    • Cathy Wells White

      Sorry this got missed! Try calling Customer Care: 888.227.3223. They can help.

      • Ann

        Thank you Cathy! They have fixed the problem for me.

  • la

    is this available for international shipping (to Canada)

  • Leslie

    I got my wallet in the mail yesterday, Woot!! Got my cards in there and my cash from my envelopes and went to the store today. Then, ah! I forgot what color I decided was what… O.O Rachel, would you consider including a little card for one of the card slots where you can write down and have a reminder as to what category we assigned each colored clip to, for those of us who are forgetful??

  • Kati Allred Meyers

    I am so sad. My zipper completely broke today. I have been “babying” it for months and today it won’t go shut at all. 🙁 I would expect something like this from a cheap walmart wallet but not from Rachel Cruze. 🙁 Any chance that you are fixing these? I’m very disappointed.

    • Cathy Wells White

      Kati, So sorry to hear about this. Call Customer Care: 888.227.3223. They can help.

  • Debi Snider

    I see that the problem I’m having with the zipper is a common problem. I’ll be calling customer care in the morning. It’s very disappointing.

    • Debi Snider

      Easy fix! Thank you for the quick, easy replacement!

  • Ashlee

    Where Can I contact my super broke shortly after I bought?

    • Ashlee