Real Life On A Budget

My Top 5 Favorite Things to Splurge On!

We talk a lot about being wise with money but sometimes, we just need to treat ourselves to something nice! So in this video, I will give you my top 5 things that I like to splurge on.


  • deb meyers

    i am so with you on the sunglasses!!! My husband “earned” a pair of Maui Jim’s as part of a quota contest at work. WE FIGHT OVER THEM. (nice fight). They are amazing. I almost consider this a health line item, because EYES.

  • J. MacMurray

    This splurge list makes me feel like we could be great friends! Only my pizza costs a bit more because it has to be gluten free.

  • Nunyo Bizwax

    I didn’t even think about good sunglasses! I wonder what brand she’s thinking? And yes, purse. High thread count sheets, didn’t think of that either. Good point about the pizza too