Real Life On A Budget

No More Budget Fights!

Are you a Nerd or a Free Spirit? Let me know below! I’m a free spirit!!


  • I am definitely the nerd. Love those columns and numbers. 🙂

  • Traci

    I’m a free spirit shoved into a nerd role.

  • Tami Stamper Davis

    A free spirited nerd who does the budget, how about that one? lol

  • Fly away birds….

    What if you’re both free spirits??? AHHHHHHH!! He’s a little more of a nerd than me but still we’re both free spirited. Oh no! Are we doomed?

  • Kim

    I’m the nerd and my husband says…”No way!!!” No budget for him…I’m doing Financial Peace all by my lonesome!! It’s really really hard and I’ve realized that he has 1 little payment per month and I have 7x that going out per month….HMMMMM??? I haven’t figured out how to bring me over to the bright side of life…I will keep working!

    • Kim, work with him! Just prepare an amazing meal… Wine, his favorite… The whole thing! Then after an amazing meal and night, the offer stands… For every week of Financial Peace you get ________. We sometimes need a little bump to get it right. You can do it. The sad true is you are going to get tired VERY SOON of doing it alone. That’s the no-no part.

  • Kim

    Love your videos1!!

  • Rachel and the team – the videos are super cool… Edits are fast and simple! Rachel, you are funny!

  • dkey

    25 Years of marriage later…my free spirited husband is still only seeing a budget as a maybe, sorta, I don’t think so, but if it will make you happy…but I don’t want to be pinned down, we’re doing fine, if I’m real quiet, she won’t mention it again…deal.nAgggggghhhhhh! 25 Years later I still see the value in and want a budget! The problem with my being “patient…he’ll come around” attitude is that now we are knocking on age 50 and very little set aside for retirement. nI say, drag him/her kicking and screaming to the goal that will improve your life as a couple, a family. Maybe not kicking and screaming, but don’t be patient beyond a reasonable period. Free spirit should NOT win over nerd just as nerd should not win over free spirit.

  • Tawna Charles Fisher

    I’m a free spirit and my husband is more the nerd. However, he does not want to take the responsibility of making a budget! He wants me to do it and tell Him about it but He wont do it. I feel that He wants it done but doesn’t want it to fall on Him if it doesn’t work so He leaves it to me so he can put the blame on me! *Sigh*

  • Charity Lane

    Do you have any tips for free spirit singles just starting out doing a budget and sticking to it?

  • Linda Dockery Hixson

    love your videos

  • Tom

    I’m a nerd that still likes to have fun and splurge occasionally … many steps taken, not in debt (right now anyway)… and God continues to show Himself and make provision to meet our needs! He is indeed FAITHFUL! Keep up the great work …my children’s generation NEEDS YOU!

  • Karen Baines Hobson

    I am a free-spirit but am the nerd who figures out the budget, too.

  • Nice! I’m definitely the nerd… My wife’s “kinda” nerdy, too, but of the two of us she’s more of the free spirit. She doesn’t enjoy doing the budget or the details, but she definitely spends smart and works with me.nnnCan’t kick the kids out of the house… they’re 4 and 2. But we’re moving close to grandma, so maybe we can send them there… 🙂

  • lisajacksondesign

    We are both nerds and we are both free spirits, here. Sometimes, he is the nerd. Sometimes, I am. This makes things pretty intense. You’ve really got to make a video about people like us! You really need advice for couples like us! My husband does the monthly budget and I come and change a few things. Sometimes, both of us are rebels and we say, “Let’s steal the money from clothing and use it to go out to eat.” We are like little children when we do this, but we agree on it together. Yesterday, I came down from Mt. Sinai with our lifetime financial plan. Jeff did not agree. Jeff wants to do employer matching. We don’t have BS#3 out of the way. We eventually came to a compromise, which is that every time he gets about a 2,000 a year pay raise, we raise pre-tax investing, from paycheck at work, 1%. I think we agreed fairly contentedly.

  • Jennifer

    I can be a nerd but prefer being a free spirit. Sort of a free spirit trapped in a nerd world.

  • CrazyNoiia

    I’m a super nerd

  • Diane Dallman

    Excellent video…and oh, so true. Am a changed nerd (after peace university) who had some (OK-a lot of) free spirit bad habits. Now the official nerd of our family, I love budgeting, love life after learning the benefits to open communication, give-a-little, try-for-a-while, nothing-personal-but-for-the-good-of-the-family…golly, it really works. Never will I live letting money control me again. It was waaaaaaay too stressful. And that I can promise if I stick to my daily, monthly, yearly committments. It was my husband who introduced me to better financial freedom and I will be ever grateful. (He was very, very patient with me.)

  • Holly

    Hi Rachel, my husband and I love your new website, he calls you my budget friend, and that is what I feel like you are. It makes working on the budget and planning so much more fun after I have watched one of your videos and feel like I have had a pep talk from a friend.

  • Olivia

    Love the videos Rachel! Any tips on how to adjust the budget when a major life change happens (I.e. Babies, new job, ect)?