Real Life On A Budget

Quick Tips to Save at the Grocery Store

Let’s go over some easy grocery money-saving tips that you can apply to your life!

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  • Heather

    I’ve followed you and your dad for years and groceries has always been the budget buster. I’ve only recently realized that folks aren’t accounting for toiletries and even household items (like cleaning supplies) in that number. Where do you shop for those types of items and what’s a reasonable % of the budget for those items.

    • Nicole @

      I think one way to figure this out for your family is to track your spending for a few months and see what you’re spending. Then you can decide if you can cut that number down, simplify toiletries, etc. But, base it on your past numbers. That’s a great place to start! It’s hard to fit into percentages when we don’t take into account the specifics of your family. A family of 6 may need to spend more on toiletries than a family of 3, etc. I think the more specific we are to our own circumstances the better we can get at budgeting!