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  • K-TIE Fighter

    Paying someone to do my taxes was easily one of the dumbest money things I’ve done. I still had to spend just as much time collecting paperwork, explaining it to the CPA, corresponding with them – and I could’ve done as good if not a better job. The more you know about taxes YOURSELF the smarter you’re going to be with them throughout the year. The only thing hiring a CPA did for me was cost nearly $400 and teach me a valuable lesson that this advice is rubbish.

    Now, with regards to trying to maintain a even “balance” with the government and not get a refund: just note that if you screw up and end up not paying enough taxes throughout the year the government will charge YOU interest (in the form of a penalty) and it will definitely be ABOVE AND BEYOND what you’d get in interest. I’ll take a small refund over a tax penalty any day.

  • Jana Harper

    I have never thought of looking at taxes in this way! One thing for us though, we had a huge loss in our investments back in 2008 in that crazy crash thing, so from that, on our taxes we have a deduction that is up to a certain amount for the next several years, so it makes it where we do have a pretty good refund. Other than that, I don’t know how much of the refund is not related to the investment loss and if that can be tweaked. Thanks so much as I will ask our CPA about this. We have to have a CPA, but it is affordable, as with the loss we take every year from that 2008 investment crash, I am afraid of doing it myself.

    So I guess I am just saying, sometimes there is a refund that is the result of a huge investment loss from years past that each year is shown as a deduction if that is the right way to say it.

  • Brandon Marquez

    I would like a better explanation for why to do this?