Real Life On A Budget

September Q&A: Budget Category Percentages

I answer a question that comes in over Facebook about how much money to put in each budget category.


  • Belinda Martinez

    okay,i just became a follower YAY! I’m very excited! How do I get a question answered? I’m probably in the wrong area but…I’ll find it?!

  • Vivian Grasser

    It is really hard to find housing in our area for our children who only make $8-11 per hour. Housing ends up consuming nearly all their income. Then auto insurance and gas and then they are nearly tapped out. How do you work with such a low budget. Their cars are paid for, but won’t last forever. So how do they make ends meet?

  • We’re in the process of moving out of state. New job. New house. New expenses. We budgeted a house purchase so we would reduce our percentage going to house, taxes, insurance, etc., but it’s certainly one of the tougher budget times in our marriage.nnnWe’re pretty strong penny pinchers, so that helps. Having percentages that we may not each understand (I couldn’t imagine spending 2-3% on clothes… my wife couldn’t imagine spending 2-3% on conferences, for example) helps us tremendously, especially knowing that we have a savings and investment plan set with percentages that will keep us on track and not worry about the money going to consumption items.

  • Maverick the King of Ireland

    Man, that is difficult….