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Should My Fiancé and I Combine our Cash?

This month’s question comes from April, who asks: “My fiancé and I each have separate restaurant envelopes, but when we go out to dinner together we pay separate, and that feels weird. Should we make a combined envelope together or still keep our expenses separate?”

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  • She can give him her cash before hand if she feels weird paying separately. When dating we just alternated who paid for the whole tab, but a date night envelope where both are contributing is also a good idea to me!

  • Iryssa

    Haha love it! “Champagne glass–wait…” (pft, I’ll raise one to you April! Congratulations! Mmmm…that was good bubbly…) nnI totally agree that this one’s just personal preference 🙂 A good compromise might be to each divide your dining out budget, taking 50% (’cause that’s an obvious, easy number) and putting that in a joint “dining out together” envelope, and then keeping the other 50% in your own “just me” envelope, in case you want to take work lunch at a restaurant one day with a group of buddies or whatever.nnEDIT: That said, joining ’em up is a SUPER safe way to PRACTICE those budgeting-together skills that you’ll be using FULL TIME when you’re married! But it sounds like you guys are both on the same page, so that probably won’t be as big of an issue for you as it is for most people 🙂