Debt-Free Living

The Real American Dream

Living the American dream can be a difficult thing to do. Today I share what you can do to start living the American dream the right way!


  • Can I just say that I love that you were gesturing with American flags through the whole video?

    I think a lot of what we see people doing and spending their MONEY on really ties in closely to how they’re spending their TIME. We see people doing all these amazing things, but we don’t see what they AREN’T doing because they’re not being super intentional with their time. Just like we don’t see their financial struggles, as they may not be terribly intentional with their money.

    We think “How does he/she have time for that?” Well, they’re probably thinking something similarly about our life. We all budget our time differently, just like we all budget our money differently. Like you say, Rachel, we need to learn to love our life, not someone else’s. We have to stop the comparing!!