Real Life On A Budget

The Unbelievable Cost of Pet Ownership

Do you know how much America spends each year on pets? It’s mind-blowing! I love my dog as much as anyone else, but it’s important to be wise with how much we spend on them.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever bought your pet? Let me know in the comments!


  • Mallory A

    Craziest thing we’ve bought for our pet?… When we got out puppy, we thought we would be super responsible dog owners and get a dog run for her on the side of our house. We researched the best deal and got one at Home Depot that we assembled ourselves. I found an igloo dog house on a garage sale site at a GREAT price to put in it. We put down brick pavers and grass inside of it and covered the top so she could have shade. We watered that grass 3 times a day and kept her out of there for two weeks, so that it would be perfect for her – we pictured it being a comfortable little oasis. nWell…. That didn’t happen at all. The very first time I put her in there, she ripped all of the grass up within just ten minutes. And she absolutely hates being in there. We never use it, because I’m always so worried she will hurt herself trying to dig out and get under the chain link while we are gone. Total and complete waste of money. nThat was definitely a stupid tax on our part( we meant well, but that was 300 hard earned dollars spent for nothing. ud83dude14

  • I rock

    My 2 toy poodles go to an assisted living place every Wednesday. They have complete wardrobe. Yes a fashion wardrobe. The elderly seem to look forward to see what they will be wearing week to week. This past week they both had bikinis on. Yes dog bikinis. What a hoot!!!