Real Life On A Budget

Wedding Budget Breakdown

Make sure you include these 5 categories when making your wedding budget.


  • Deb Solko

    Thank you, Rachel. I am a wedding photographer – and we also lead a Financial Peace class – but I appreciate your comments about photography. It seems like today too many brides have a friend photograph their wedding or even a paid ‘pretender’ (my word for someone pretending to be a professional) and there are disastrous results. Bad wedding pictures will haunt you the rest of your life!

  • cmuller

    You should always have a wedding planner! Never cut this from your budget. If you need to reduce other categories to make sure you can fit a planner into your budget, then do it! There is no sense in spending all this money on a dream wedding just to be stress out on the wedding day because no one is there to take charge!