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What Are My Rules For Giving?

In this month’s featured question, Dixie asks “When is it okay to give, and how much should I give in the first place?”

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  • John Paulson

    #AskRachelnLast Wednesday in September. :)n

  • Alicia

    #askrachelnIf student loans can be forgiven after 10 years of of on time payments on an income-contingent repayment plan, is that ok to do, instead of focusing of paying off the lump sum? (It’s a program for public service workers and I’m a teacher of ten years, but just getting around to paying off my loans). Thanks!

  • Angela

    We also give 10% minimum to our local church but every year my husband and ask the Lord to place a family or a need on both of our hearts that we can help. He has not failed in the last 4 years to provide this. Best of all we try to do it in secret and see the blessings play out. It really is more of a blessing to give than to receive!!! Thanks Rachel for making this video!!

    • Angela Holke

      That is so good that you and your husband and family do this! Thanks for sharing–great way to help you as a couple grow together in your faith.

  • Elizabeth Carlson

    god gives back two fold what you give away

  • Sarai Maldonado

    Hi Rachel, so I have been giving 10% of my paycheck before taxes to my local church but should I actually just be giving 10% after taxes and when I receive my money back from tax refund I just give 10% of that at the time?