Real Life On A Budget

What’s in My Wallet?

I’ll show you how I put my own spin on the Dave Ramsey envelope system.

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  • lzw

    Ooo.. pick me, pick me!!! 🙂

  • Elise

    I liked and shared. I would love to win a cute wallet to use with the clip system.

  • Sharla Hansen

    love the clip system!!!

  • Goldie

    I shared! 🙂

  • Alora M.

    Were still learning as were in week 3 of FPU. We have found that with my hubby being 100% commision we definitely thrive with a envelope system. I like the clip idea though since I currently use ziploc baggies as my envelopes were pouring out change and falling all over in my purse.

  • Liz Ackerman Hudson

    liked and shared

  • Emily Haigh

    I started doing this after your Instagram photo. So much easier and less bulky than envelopes!

  • Jen

    Agree with the less bulky! Thanks for the vlogs Rachel.

  • Becky Gensel

    YAY! That was fun… I also liked & shared via fb. I’m still trying to figure out how to make myself more excited about envelopes or clips… I LOVE the idea of having a running tally like the envelopes, but don’t want to have to deal with the envelopes. 😉 Either way, whatever you guys do is better than what I’ve been doing. Gotta get back on that cash system this month so I stop overspending. 🙂 thanks for being awesome!!

  • Bonita12

    Love your system! Thanks for the chance. I liked on FB.

  • Loryn

    I like your clip system! My husband and I find another good method is using colored index cards in our wallets as dividers for each category. Since each category has a different color index card it’s quick and easy for us to find the right cash to pull from. I’m artsy so the added color makes keeping with our budget a little more fun too. 🙂 Thanks for this video!

  • Tiffany Castle

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  • Sandy

    Liked and shared! Love this system.

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  • Gina Helton

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  • Mindy

    Love this system! And I really want a new wallet haven’t had one in years! Shared! Please find me lol!!!

  • Patricia Darley-Crazy Bag Lady

    Message me and I may be able to help you find a cute wallet for your giveaway.

  • Libby Reilly

    Definitely liked and shared… when you posted the picture on Instagram last month, I sent you a picture of mine back! I am a newlywed and this has been such a blessing in our marriage so far… we refuse to be just one of the other thousands of couples who constantly fight over their finances! Because of our monthly budget and cash that we do together, we have avoided those volatile money disagreements. nnWould love to move away from having two wallets (a regular wallet and a coupon accordian wallet I use for my cash categories!) and upgrade to the clip system! Thanks for all your helpful advice and great videos, Rachel! And congratulations on your big news!

  • Brooke Taylor-Nagy

    Thanks so much for all your vlogs 🙂 I did like, repost, and share on twitter and facebook. My husband just got out of the military and I work at a non-profit organization (which I LOVE), so money is a little tight… especially with a $1000 student loan payment monthly. Your vlogs, tips, tricks, and tutorials give me HOPE and I know that if my husband and I stick together and keep on doing our envelopment system and budget every single month, we will be FREE from the bondage of debt and all the nastiness that comes with it soon (our goal is before we buy a house/before we’re 30). So, THANK YOU!! 🙂

  • Leah

    Tweeted and FB’d. Excited!!!

  • Rebecca

    Love watching your videos! It’s nice to have someone in our age bracket that is so excited about saving money and genuinely wants to help!

  • Angela

    Thank you for explaining, I also have switched to clips after seeing your instagram post. I used the colored clips and write on them with a sharpie for our different categories. I shared on facebook for all who are always asking what is that and how does it work. Thank you fof all your posts and video blogs.

  • Britt Amber Evans Dottolo

    Sharing!! and so glad you shared! I just love that walletu2026.!

  • Christi Brown Elfreich

    Liked and shared! I appreciate all the great info you share with us!

  • Keila

    Rachel, I was so bummed I couldn’t be at Cedar Creek Church when you were here in the Spring but I was kicking off FPU at our other campus 🙁 Quick Question: How do you account for things you purchase online? Like clothing (, concert tickets, etc. I always get cash at the start of the week, but then I don’t put it back in the account once I buy online…

    • Lori

      What has worked for our family in this situation is to just deduct it the next time I fill my envelopes. So if I buy pants online for $40, I put $40 less in my clothing envelope out of the next paycheck so everything balances in the end. It was too much of a pain for me to go by the bank to redeposit the money every time.

      • Keila

        Thanks Lori. I thought about that or just making a separate checking account for “spending on personal”. what do you think about that? My husband checks our accounts so he would still see what’s going on (no secrets)….

  • Cindy

    Very helpful! Thank you! Would love a cute new wallet like yours, and of course some clips!! 🙂

  • Mary Sheffer Blymire

    I loved this! I think the clip system would be much easier for me, the envelope system has been good, but it can be clunky to carry it around. I also shared on facebook 🙂

  • Robinew

    Love, Love! Thank you! (Like AND shared on FB) nPS. LOVE the Tory Burch wallet! 🙂

  • Terri Harr

    Great way to simplify.

  • mommyEm

    Awesome. While watching this I thought of a cool way to do the clips. You could use colored paper clips that way you could use blue for food, pink for personal, etc. Love this idea. Thanks.

  • Shelly Ree Yoder

    Thanks for sharing but I do have one question….how does a man do a clip system? I would think the clips wouldn’t work in a man’s wallet. Just curious. Thanks.

  • Norma Sevilla-Ortega

    Congratulation on your coming bundle of joy! Excited for you and Winston. God bless y’all!

  • Jeremy Vought

    Great concept for the minimalist.

  • Lori Pugh Jones

    I definitely need help managing my spending! I haven’t used a budget in years but this system looks simple and effective. Would definitely like to share with my son. If he has cash, he spends it. Think this solution (together with a budget) would help him to monitor/control his spending.Thanks for sharing:-)

  • Mary Gessner Padley

    Awesome! Love it! Thank you Rachel for all the great tips to keep me on target!

  • Malisa

    liked and shared!!

  • Teresa

    I was interested in seeing your clip system, after your mention of it in your vlog previously. Thank you so much–I’m going to give it a try! ! I shared your this on Facebook, too.

  • Heather

    I clicked Like and Shared on my Facebook wall, I am not sure if Candians qualify but here is hoping, I could sure use the Envelope System as well as the Money Clip wallet 🙂 I really enoy your FB page along with your video clips.

  • Stacey Kornegay Kelley

    So simple and helpful…love it!

  • MS Barb

    I like the colored clips!

  • Rachel

    Being a teacher, I have tons of those clips, and I am a scrapbooker so I can make them look cute and stylish. I think the clip system would work better for me than the envelopes since I have a wallet that I just absolutely love, but the envelopes don’t fit in it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nikki

    Love the clip/envelope system. My Dad taught us the envelope system back in the late 70’s/early 80’s as young adults. It really is a tried and true system! Thanks for sharing the video. Hope I win!….It would be nice to try again as an adult to test my budgeting/spending habits. 🙂

  • Carly

    Oohhhhhhhh I love your clip system! Especially because you make it OK to only take cash out for specific clips (prob the same categories as me!). I prefer to leave the rest of my money in my account because I have all my bill payments set up). I so need you to choose me a wallet – I’m in New Zealand and we don’t have a great choice. Sadly, don’t have DR out here either ud83dude15 But love my US Facebook groups!

  • Felicia

    I love your clip system. I use it too.

  • Raylene Sausedo

    great idea..using colored clips would help distinguish the different sections.

  • Shared on Twitter. Thanks for the opportunity to win. My wallet is coming apart and I could really use a new one. It looks like a new one won’t fit in our budget anytime soon. nThe clip system is awesome. My envelopes tear rather quickly.

  • I just love you and your family and the impact you have had on many. I feel like I’ve watched you grow up. Love your system but I sure am a fan of the envelopes, so much so that I created a wallet that is both functional and cute! It is amazing how many I’ve sold by people that were looking for the same kind of thing. Blessings to you and thanks for all you do! 🙂

  • Sue Woods Stone

    Hubby and I are FINALLY implementing the Ramsey/Cruz budget system (AKA Monthly Cash Flow Plan). We had always been debt free (except for the house) — and then Sallie Mae moved in! (We were saving for college, but I (major breadwinner) had to suddenly retire on disability. The boys had LOTS of scholarships and grants, but 6 years of private college put us in the hole. Then Hubby’s school closed and he was unemployed for more than a year. We’re getting super-intentional about killing the $25K left, then tackling the mortgage! JESUS is King, but cash is good thing!

  • Tami Grgas

    awesome idea…i do have issues with the envelopes taking up too much room, this clip system could work for me! Thanks for sharing Rachel, I will share this on my FB page for you.n

  • Kate

    Liked and shared on Facebook (originally 4 times on accident because I was so excited!!!) I love love love the clip idea especially since you can use the cute wallet!!! I have been searching for the perfect wallet for my clip system (mine is way too crammed right now) Hoping I win the cute wallet!

  • Pam DePoy

    Simple, smart and perfect for those that don’t want the extra ‘wallet’ to carry! Please keep sharing these practical, everyday tips!! Thanks!

  • Jenny from Germany

    I would just love to use the envelope/clip system but I was wondering what do you do with the change and how do you account for it? My main problem is that here in Germany the smallest bill is 5 Euros, so eventually I would most likely end up with a lot of loose change. Envelopes are just getting way too bulky, I tried already. Any tipps? I was thinking of using an app but I’d rather see at a glance what I have in each category.

  • Julie

    Love your enthusiasm and down to earth encouragement style! Thanks for sharing your clip system!

  • April Dykes Sullard

    I really enjoy your videos and also your input in smartmoneysmartkids. We get to see you live in seattle next week. Looking forward to it!

  • Sarah

    Hi Rachel, I though this tip would help a lot of your readers. I have been using the clip system for years and found these ideas to work best. #1 Buy a wallet with at least to separate sections to fit all your bills faced flat. #2 Purchase clips in different colors, like blue, green, red and yellow. Each category should have a different color. For example I use blue for groceries, green for gas and red for eating out. It’s that simple! Hope this helps.

  • Rebecca Jones Unger

    I like this. Great idea! Thank you!

  • Laiken

    Can’t wait to see who won! Love the vlogs!

  • Regina Harris