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Top Foods You Buy That Go To Waste

Did you know that 30 – 40% of America’s food supply is wasted?!



  • Mickenzie Vought

    I always seem to throw out carrots…

  • 2Addicted

    I have a tendency to buy cucumbers and tomatoes. I keep them for about a week, then it’s off to the trash they go ūüôĀ

  • We don’t waste food. Old bananas become banana bread. Old bananas and other fruits are chopped up and frozen for smoothies. Potatoes – I think we’ve thrown away about six – ever. You can always cook them, shred them, and freeze them for hash browns. If sliced meat or steaks get slimy, wash it off with dish soap, then cook it, and if necessary, chop it up and use it in soup or salad or omelets, etc. Bacteria making the slime is on the surface, not inside the meat, unless it is ground meat. We keep ground meat frozen until we are ready to use it.

    When we buy sliced meat, we pull it out of the package, squeeze as much water as we can out of it, and repackage it in plastic containers lined with paper towels. I mean, take each slice and press it into a paper towel. Reducing the moisture reduces bacteria production.

    Salads: You can cook your meal, but while it is cooking, make a salad and serve the salad first. Get into the habit of having a substantial salad before consuming all those carbs. You’ll eat less fattening foods. I believe salad is cheaper than meat, too. And if your salad makings are starting to look old, then have a nice big salad as the only item for dinner. Salad is awesome.

    If your carrots are getting old, cook them!